Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

All your business reports, data access, user management, data processing, and web service needs are filled with convenient cloud-based ERP.

Instead of having your business information stored on locally based servers and hardware and managed by your in-house IT staff, you’ll have your valuable systems, software, and data stored conveniently in the cloud, managed by our expert team.

While locally based ERP requires large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, software, and hardware bills – not to mention the expense of constantly educating and updating your IT staff – Cloud-based ERP is a low-cost, high quality option that keeps your money where it belongs: in the bank.

You’ll have Akara’s world-renown team on board to host and maintain your IT infrastructure. This means your systems are always in tiptop shape, your data is secure, and product enhancements are fully taken care of – so you don’t need to worry about disrupting your previously implemented customizations.

With tons of exceptional models to choose from, you’ll get the very best, customized management solutions tailored to both your company and industry.

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