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From hospitals, healthcare, and pharmaceutical, to insurance, manufacturing, and banking companies, businesses around the world depend on Akara for stellar services that meet your rapidly developing business needs, simplify your workplace and process, and drive your success.

Here at Akara, we give you integrated systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, and integrated custom solutions tailored to your unique business structure and needs.

The perfect choice for both small and medium sized businesses, now, you’ll be among the elite companies that call Akara a dedicated friend.

Hospital Information Management System

When your hospital transitions to virtual and cloud-based technology, you need the very best system to organize, maintain, and update your important records and information. With years of proven success, Akara gives you a seamless management system that makes your workplace fast-paced and stress-free. You’ll have time saving, efficient software that keeps your employees on task, and your staff functioning at the high...

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

All your business reports, data access, user management, data processing, and web service needs are filled with convenient cloud-based ERP. Instead of having your business information stored on locally based servers and hardware and managed by your in-house IT staff, you’ll have your valuable systems, software, and data stored conveniently in the cloud, managed by our expert team. While locally based ERP requires ...

System Integration

You’ll get dynamic system integration that allows your data to smoothly flow across mission-critical applications, from e-commerce sites to CRM. With our expert system integration service, you’ll avoid costly customization expenses that arise from frequent coding, constant software updates, and security patches. Instead, you’ll get a robust, comprehensive integration service that streamlines creation, deployment,...

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