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So Who Are These Guys Anyway?

When you start looking into virtual technology and cloud solutions, no doubt you’ll be overwhelmed with pitches and promises from IT companies around the world – and let’s emphasize right here – you have a huge decision to make.

Your valuable company data is at stake. You’re about to trust a group of total strangers to put your important business information where? In the cloud you say?

That sounds like crazy talk.

At Akara, you won’t be entrusting your data to complete strangers. Unlike other virtual IT companies, we sit down and talk with you, we listen to your ideas, we get to know you and your vision, and even better, you get to know us too.

Our state-of-the-art services make your information safer and more secure, our integration systems make running your business faster, easier, and more effective than ever, and our streamlined service saves you money

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The Akara Mission – Your Success: Our Goal

Here at Akara, we strive to make your business a profitable success by providing you the very latest, proven technology. We give you lower operation costs, faster communication and data management, and customized services that fit your specific business structure.

As an industry-leading SaaS (Software as a Service) company, we provide you a world-class approach to technology. Instead of the high costs of keeping your in-house IT team up-to-date, and the constant headache of managing your data, software, and systems on locally based servers and hardware, Akara solves these ongoing hassles by giving you a convenient cloud solution that’s affordable, easy, and effective.

Finally, you’ll have your important business information stored securely in the cloud, and managed by our expert team of industry-leading professionals. Your important infrastructure will be effortlessly maintained, your data safe and sound, and your product updates seamlessly maintained without disrupting your business flow.

With a host of comprehensive services and skills, Akara has set out to make your business the high performance success you’ve always dreamed of.


Our Legacy of Success – Creating Your Bright Future

Founded as a consultant company in 2008, Akara has provided stellar solutions for hospitals, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies around the globe. Specializing in comprehensive system integration (SOA and ESB), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS) – we continue to provide expert technology solutions to companies worldwide.

Specializing in small to mid-size companies, Akara gives businesses enterprise-level IT solutions that keep you at the very forefront of your fast-paced, competitive industry.

We can’t wait to make your company a lasting success. Click here to get started.

Our Clients

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You’ll be among these elite companies around the globe; stellar businesses who benefit from Akara’s cutting-edge technology, and world-class services. Here at Akara, we work alongside these industry-leading companies; providing exceptional virtualization and cloud-based computing services customized to your specific organization’s needs. Now, it’s time to make your business a standout success. Click here to talk with a friendly Akara team member.